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“WORK FROM HOME: How to Get a Remote Job Online and Succeed at It”

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Here’s a sneak peek into the book’s contents

This book took me under a month to put together with no-fluff content that will answer your burning questions about getting a remote job. Again, I really don’t think there’s any other easy-to-digest book on how to land a remote job as comprehensive as this. Here’s what’s included:


PART ONE: The Unique Benefits of Working Remotely

The first part goes into some benefits of remote work. I presented the 9 unique benefits of a remote job. If you are like me. I bet you’ll love this section – knowing what a job can offer you before you actually get it.


PART TWO: How To Land Your First Remote Job

I go deeply and systematically into the four steps you’ll need to follow to land a remote job. Please don’t skip anything here if you are serious about getting a job that will make you ‘location independent’ and grant you the freedom to not only live a life most people dream of, but a life that will make you inspire others.


PART THREE: How to Be Successful at Working Remotely

Finally in part 3, I give you the tools and strategies you’ll need to navigate your journey after you’ve secured a job. Learning how to maintain a job you secured will make a huge difference in your career.  What’s the point of going through all the trouble of securing a remote job only to lose weeks or months after?


Who is “WORK FROM HOME” for?

This book is for you, if:

1. You can communicate in simple English Language
2. You are broke with no job
3. You are employed but still broke
4. You want to diversify your income source
5. You want to earn from the comfort of your home

If this resonates with you, you’re welcome to get a copy.

Who is the Book not for?

This book is NOT for you, if:

1. You don’t want to put in the work before you succeed
2. You prefer the daily hassle of going to work every day than earning from your home
3. You cannot tell a difference between “am” and I’m.
4. You’re afraid of working with foreigners due to inferiority complex
5. The thought of being paid in dollars scares you to death because your ancestors hate the white people.

If this is you, I’m afraid this book cannot help you.


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