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The first step to Wealth Creation is TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE. No one will do that for you. Are you living your life to the fullest or are you acting a script?

As a student, does the course you are studying align with your talents and your purpose in life or were you influenced into it by your parents and peers?

As an Employee, are you really happy with your job? Is your income enough to cover your family expense or are you in debts?

As an Entrepreneur, is your business growing the way you would want it to? How do you feel every time you look at your accounts book?

Whatever your answer is, nothing is going to change unless you take responsibility. You may not necessarily be the cause of the condition you find yourself but you are the only person qualified enough to do something about it. It is unfortunate that many people are quick to blame external factors for the woes in their life. Some blame their parents, the government, and their employer, anything but themselves. Yes, they may have a role to play. But blaming them isn’t going to do anything to help you personally. Drowning in the river of self-pity has never saved anyone, but taking responsibility works.

There’s popular saying that what you don’t want, you don’t watch.

Bill Gates was quoted to have said something along the lines of “if you were born poor it is not your fault, but if you die poor, it is your fault”.

Your personal finance and business finance are serious topics, too serious to leave in the hands of other people.

Henceforth, I charge you to begin to HOLD YOURSELF RESPONSIBLE for whatever kind of change or success you want to see in your life – starting from your finances. When you do that, you will begin to experience significant change in your life. The way you look at things will change. You will cease to operate from a victim mentality. You will dump your “scarcity mindset” that has been limiting you for “abundance mindset”. You will begin to see possibilities and opportunities when others are seeing problems

The first step you need to take to create wealth is to become intentional at becoming financially intelligent. Don’t leave it to your employer or to the government or to fate.

TAKE CHARGE!!! If you don’t, nobody will.

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